Kihyo Park

박기효 [pak̚.g̊i.ço]

About me


통계분석법 세미나

기초 확률과 통계


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Hi! I’m a Ph.D. student in the Linguistics department at Cornell University working with Dr. Marten van Schijndel and Dr. Helena Aparicio.

I study how our minds work on language processing, which always makes me an excited language nerd.

My main research areas are in human sentence processing and experimental pragmatics, but I’m also very interested in applying formal methods from statistics and computational modelling/NLP into human language processing.

I’m a member of the Computational Psycholinguistics Discussions research group (C.Psyd), the Cornell Computational Linguistics lab, and the Linguistic Meaning lab (LiMe) at Cornell University.

And I’m a visiting researcher at Brain and Cognition Research Center at Konkuk University, where I finished my Masters on Korean psycholinguistics, advised by Dr. Upyong Hong (홍우평) and Dr. Yunju Nam (남윤주).

Other than these, I’m a lefty, and a (right-handed) guitarist.